dasdesign Audio Players Mp3 Player AS3 MP3 PLAYER DARK STYLE V1 * playing mp3 files * loaded dynamically from xml * play srop pause buttons * next previous buttons * seeking track bar * track playlist * AS3 script * DOWNLOAD BUTTON (NEW) You... $4 http://www.flashdo.com/item/mp3-player-as3/1175 http://cdn-files.creafx-static.com/files/5546.jpg
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Mp3 player dark style v1

  1. playing mp3 files
  2. loaded dynamically from xml
  3. play srop pause buttons
  4. next previous buttons
  5. seeking track bar
  6. track playlist 
  7. AS3 script
  8. Download button (new)

You can simple use the file embeded in your html projects or opening the file and in the library panel drag the player movieClip and drop it in you project


the mp3 file are from www.soundjay.com not included in download files


Appreciated on June 9th, 2012