flashblue Video Players FLV Player Black v2 XML & FlashVars driven single FLV, YouTube player. FEATURES INCLUDED: * XML '> getYouTubeVideoInfo true * You can use a... $12 http://www.flashdo.com/item/flv-player-black-v2/592 http://cdn-files.creafx-static.com/files/2225.jpg
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XML & FlashVars driven single FLV, YouTube player.

Features included:

  • XML & FlashVars driven FLV player (Uncomment xmlUrl in HTML sample to load XML).
  • Supports RTMP, SMIL live stream
  • Plays YouTube videos
  • You can get video information (preview image, title, description) for YouTube videos when you set getYouTubeVideoInfo true
  • You can use a preview image / SWF
  • You can set 1st frame of video as preview by showPreviewImage="false" & autoPlays="false"
  • Play-pause, rewind, sound/ volume controller, info, scale, fullscreen buttons included
  • HD/SD button added for YouTube video quality
  • You can show / hide info, fullscreen, scale, sound, center play-pause buttons or time
  • You can change button rollover alpha
  • You can change progress bar color
  • You can scale video to normal, aspect or full size view
  • You can set volume , buffer time
  • You can add watermark / logo with link, opacity, position, alpha support
  • Video title & description font size, color, background color, alpha can be changed
  • You can show/hide progress bar tooltip
  • Includes WordPress & Joomla plugins
  • Supports HTML formatting for video content
  • Includes a html swfObject embed example with parameters
  • Help file is included

If you want play video on start-up set showPreviewImage="false", autoPlays="true"

Appreciated on May 15th, 2012