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Creative Photography Template

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XML driven photography template with deeplinking.


Creative Photography Template is a good solution to create a portfolio or a brand site in few minutes! It fits to almost all needs because it has a variety of modules that can be load externally.

Creative Photography Template is very easy to use, easily customizable. It is very easy to add or remove modules. Almost all of the settings and customizations parameters of the template can be set through the xml files.

This template has been conceived to be the most versatile as possible, and its customizations possibilities are infinite. You can create a personal and highly personalized website simply changing the parameters and contents.

Almost all modules are xml driven so it is easy to add / remove contents.


  • AS3 driven
  • All data can be changed in the XML file
  • Supports multiple menu categories with external SWF modules
  • Deeplinking using SWFAddress & SWFFit features


Deeplinking enables you to target specific sections of your website, send links via email or instant messenger, find specific content with the major search engines, utilize browser history, reload buttons and bookmark in a browser. You can also target sections of your website in the slideshows, just use your deeplink url. This template allows you to deeplink to any page in your site including all menus, image galleries & news.



Images were bought from http://us.fotolia.com .

Social Network Icon Pack by Komomedia .

Appreciated on February 22nd, 2013